Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Treatment

A great use of the Cryoball is to treat pain and inflammation in the sacroiliac or SI joint.  It is a crucial piece of human anatomy. Movement of the joint tends to be limited, because it is the focus of stability which allows humans to walk upright. Pain and inflammation in the SI joint can make it impossible to walk or move.

Any pain in the low back, buttock, or leg was usually referred to as SI joint syndrome. Many problems can cause degenerative arthritis here. It is often hard to tell exactly what caused the wear and tear to the joints. One of the most common causes is an injury. The injury can come from a direct fall on the buttocks, a motor vehicle accident, or even a blow to the side of your pelvis.

For treatment of the SI joint, place the ball on the bed. Lay down and place the ball right on your sore spot with a knee bent. Straighten the knee as well to help mobilize the joint and also brings the knee up at times and place a stretch on. This will allow for more pressure on that isolated trigger point. For an advanced version of this treatment, take a second ball and treat the other side at the same time.